Jon & Hayley

Jon is maybe the sweetest most thoughtful guy I have dealt with so far...
I have never met Jon, but Hayley on the other hand...flash back to 12 years ago and we went to school together. Just for one year, Hayley and her family moved to Adelaide from Perth and we instantly bonded. We spent one epic year together, clearly, because we have never forgotten each other.
I hadn't actually heard from Hayley for years, then all of a sudden, I get an email from Jon, all the way from the UK saying that Hayley had told him about me, that we were once super good friends and that I now make jewellery...HOW SWEET!
Anyway, emails were exchanged back and fourth but Jon knew exactly what he wanted from day one and designed it himself. A stunning, one of a kind ring, for a stunning, one of a kind gal.
Jon proposed to Hayley while they were both working at a camp together in America. I have attached some photos, because they are just too cute not to share...YOU'RE WELCOME!!!